Men's T-shirt with print

Men's t-shirts with a cat print are a great way to add humour and style to your look. Cats have always been popular characters in the world of fashion and culture, and they can be a fun and colourful accent to your wardrobe. Here are different options of what you can add to men's t-shirts with print to create a stylish and unique look, from the stylist of Manii'ta Lacitta:
-Jeans and sneakers:
This is probably the most classic and versatile option. By combining a cat t-shirt with plain jeans and sneakers, you create a simple and casual look. It's a great option for going for walks, meeting friends or going to the shops.
-Shorts and sandals:
If the weather permits, men's t-shirts with a cat print can be the perfect choice for summer days. Pairing shorts and sandals with a t-shirt will create a fresh and comfortable look for hot days.
-Joggers and trainers:
For a more sporty style, you can opt for joggers and trainers. This option is suitable for outdoor activities, sporting events or just for those who prefer a more sporty style in clothing.
-Jacket or blazer:
Mixing unexpected style elements can create an interesting look. Try wearing your t-shirt with a cat under a jacket or blazer. This will add spice and originality to your look, and you can use it for more formal events.
-Shorts and shirt:
For a more beachy and summer look, you can pair the t-shirt with a cat with shorts and a lightweight shirt. This style is great for holidays or lounging on the beach.
-Denim jacket:
If the weather is cooler, a denim jacket is a great addition to a cat t-shirt. It will create an extra layer and add texture to your look.
Don't forget about additional accessories. For example, hats, bags or sunglasses can add a finishing touch and uniqueness to your look.
-Colour scheme:
When choosing a t-shirt with a cat print, pay attention to its colour scheme. You can choose other elements of the wardrobe to match the colours of the t-shirt. This will help to create a harmonious image.
-Extra layer:
Sometimes adding an extra layer in the form of a jumper or waistcoat can make your look more interesting and warmer in cooler weather.
-Additional accents:
If your t-shirt with a cat has additional design elements such as embroidery or appliques, match other clothing items or accessories to go with them. This will help create a more cohesive look.
-It's important to remember that style is an individual expression of your personality, so don't be afraid to experiment and create unique looks. Men's t-shirts with print can become a bright and memorable element of your wardrobe, which will emphasise your love for cats and your ability to create stylish images. Buy men's t-shirt with print in our online shop with delivery all over Europe!